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Providing a positive social development platform to further social inclusion, diversity, interaction and skills

Current Intake: 20

Satisfaction: AWESOME

Content: Fun social activities, arts and craft skills, movie nights, friendships

Age: 9 to 16

Venue: 1 Ventura Avenue, Upper Cambourne, CB23 6HX

Time: once a month

The Club operates monthly and covers fun social activities, arts and craft skills, movie nights and encourages friendships.  Everyone from the Wider Community is most welcome to join.

The Club is entirely voluntarily operated and non-profit. Funding is voluntary. For further details and an enrolment form, kindly contact us.

The utmost transparency in handling your donation – whether you specify the cause to which you are donating or make a general donation, we always share our financial reporting with all donors.

Rubina Sher

C1 Partner and Leader C1 Teenage Girls Fun Club


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