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Preparing the ground for the young to become mature, responsible, independent individuals and thinkers that make a positive difference to society.

Current Intake: 16

Satisfaction: VERY COOL

Content: Tajweed, Islamic studies, practical Islam, preparation for society, social

Age: school year 7 to A levels

Venue: Cambourne Village College

Time: weekly on Saturday’s from 17:30 – 20:30, during school term time.

In addition to other youth groups and clubs that the boys attend, there is a requirement to provide a programme dedicated to enriching them in certain key values, their faith and in preparing them in state of readiness to become mature, independent and responsible individuals and thinkers to serve society successfully. The club fulfils these aims and provides a friendly social environment too, with opportunity to play sports.

The Club is entirely voluntarily operated, non-profit and funded through payment of a nominal fee and donations. Fees currently do not cover the cost of hiring the venue and donations are required. Your donations are very much needed and appreciated. For further details and an enrolment form, kindly contact us.

The utmost transparency in handling your donation – whether you specify the cause to which you are donating or make a general donation, we always share our financial reporting with all donors.

Aims and Objectives of the Club

As the Club begins to mature, it has been a perfect opportunity to revisit the aims and objectives of the Club and further build upon them. We are now pleased to be able to share the following aims:
  • Be functioning members of society, proud and grateful of ones heritage, have the love of Allah (one God) and his Messenger and have concern over life in this world and life in the hereafter.


  • To impart the passion for lifelong learning and the application of Islam in daily life and for the betterment of the society one lives in.


  • To be the best citizen, maintain the passion to be the best and best of example of Akhlaq (good character, virtue, good manners, morality).


  • To build a strong sense of unity and reinforce the importance of unity.


  • Be proud to be Muslims, proud to share ones identity and proud to be able to serve the wider society.


The teaching element of the Club currently covers the following core elements:

  1. Articles of Faith
  2. Pillars of Islam
  3. Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him
  4. Rights, Akhlaq, Commitment to Values
  5. Articulating Islam
  6. Recitation of the Quran with application of Tajweed
  7. Tafseer of Surah

Shahid Hussain

C1 Partner and Leader of C1 Teenage Boys Club


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