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C1’s vehicle, the means by which it delivers its aims, is composed of a number of portfolios, that are progressive, results driven and action oriented.  Click “Portfolios” to see “what we deliver”.


C1 Charity

  • general charitable purposes
  • prevention or relief or poverty
  • relief of financial hardship
  • social inclusion
  • maintaining the environment
  • enjoining and working with others, groups, institutions, all of you, to collaboratively and creatively deliver to the neediest causes


C1 Academy

  • the advancement of education, knowledge and training
  • the advancement of religion and religious activities
  • young people
  • for the benefit and enlightenment of all through seminars, lectures, clubs, meetings and literature
  • carefully planting the seeds for all our young, helping them to develop the skills and capabilities to serve society successfully, in a rapidly changing world.


C1 Friends

  • advancement of equality, diversity, religious and racial harmony
  • promoting the protection of people and property
  • working with other groups, the public, partners and institutions; collective engagements and sustained relationships that deliver true harmony, diversity, equality and inclusion


C1 Projects

  • establishment of a community centre
  • a centre to fulfil the objects of C1, the needs of Muslims and general public, designed with the vision to be an open touch point, welcoming and accommodating everyone


C1 is a voluntary operated, non-profit charitable incorporated organisation (registration pending) serving Muslims and Communities and the General Public in Cambourne and surrounding areas.  C1 is very much dependant on your generous donations, to achieve its charitable objects.


We maintain the utmost transparency in handling your donation – whether you specify the cause to which you are donating or make a general donation, we always share our financial reporting with all donors.

Syed Shah

C1 Partner


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